20 Outdoor Activities for the Family

Are you looking for some Springtime fun? Check out 20 Outdoor Ideas that are affordable for the whole family! 1. Take a walk. 2. Bike rides! 3. Fly a kite. 4. Find a safe playground. 5. Family Picnic. 6. Explore hiking at Hoover Dam and Highbanks Metro Park! 7. Have a scavenger hunt. 8. Hide and seek. 9. Bubbles! 10. Hopscotch. 11. Stop and smell the spring flowers! 12. Cloud watching. 13. Play catch! 14. Soccer! 15. Tag! You're it! 16. Throw a Frisbee. 17. Cartwheels! 18. Bird watching. 19. I-Spy with my little eye. 20. Hula Hoop!

A Letter to 7 Special Mothers

To Extraordinary Women, Thank you: You are cherished. You are celebrated. You are loved. At Stauffer Family Dental, one of our favorite aspects of our field is caring for entire families---but today, I would like to praise seven amazing staff members who significantly influence lives each week: Jana, Jenny, Meghan, Kara, Diane, Emily and Dr. Heidi. These seven ladies are caring mothers who are complete with charm and their own savoir faire. *One mom loves to spend time with her children by trying new restaurants together and talking about their friendships. *One mom sings songs and reads books to her son and daughter at bedtime to help them sleep sweetly. *One mom rushes from work to a tr

May the 4th Be With You: Dental Emergencies

It's almost time for bike rides and having fun at the pool, but if an accident occurs it’s easy to panic—especially when teeth are involved. To help you feel more prepared in case of a dental emergency, here are some tips: If an adult (permanent) tooth is knocked-out, keep it wet. If you are able, place the tooth back in the socket without touching the root. If dirt or debris is on the root, gently rinse the tooth under water and seat the tooth in the socket. If you are unable to place the tooth back in your mouth, store it in a container of milk and call your dentist immediately. If you crack a tooth—gently rinse with warm salt water and ice the area to keep swelling down and call your den

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