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Dr. Heidi Stauffer and family dentist in Westerville at Stauffer Family Dental

Dr. Heidi Stauffer

Dr. Heidi grew up in the Columbus area and graduated from Worthington Kilbourne High School. She received her BA in computer science from St. Louis University and received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from The Ohio State University.


While in dental school, she met and married her husband Andrew. Andrew works for a  software company doing computer mapping, and loves it! You'll often find him in the office talking about maps and Geographic Information Systems with patients and anyone who will listen.


After graduating from dental school, Heidi and Andrew relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Dr. Heidi began her career working in a pediatric public health clinic just north of Seattle in Everett, WA.  This led to her love of pediatric dentistry and perfection of the art of distraction which is so important in treating little ones.


After 2 years she left the public health clinic and joined  a private practice in a suburb of Seattle, called Sammamish, for the next five years. During that time she was named a Top Dentist by her peers in the Seattle area, and has also been named to this honor in Columbus.  Over those 7 years in Seattle, life changed significantly. They added two beautiful kids and a dog to their family. While life was great out west,  Dr. Heidi wanted her kids to grow up near the family and friends she missed back home in Ohio.


Dr. Heidi had kept in touch with Dr. Brad Fulton who was her family dentist as a child.   When the opportunity arose to join him in practice, she knew this was an opportunity she could not pass up. Dr. Heidi came into the practice in the Spring of 2014 and hit the ground running. It has been the perfect environment that she has wanted in a dental office, which is a family practice with a personal feel.  Dr. Heidi and Dr. Brad practiced together for an amazing 4 years until his retirement in 2018.  Our practice continues to grow and follow in his foot steps.  We have remained the quality practice he built that welcomes each patient as family.

After her formal dental education, she continues to grow as a professional by attending many continuing education courses. She currently belongs to Spectrum Dental Society, to help keep her up to date on the most recent dental advances. They provide her with not only courses but a forum to connect with other general dentists and specialists in order to gain from each other's experience.

Dr. Heidi spends her free time with her family or her many pets.  Marvin, the family dog who is a chihuahua-husky mix comes into the office on many Tuesday as an emotional support animal.  We also have several fish tanks at the office to help create a calming atmosphere in the waiting room.  She also enjoys anything outdoors and live music.

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