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Sealants and fluoride

There are many things that we do at Stauffer Family Dental in Westerville, OH for our patients that is preventive.  One of the major things that we do for our patients adult and pediatric patients is recommend fluoride treatments at your cleaning appointments.  One of the things that we recommend for newly erupted teeth and our pediatric patients is sealants. 

Fluoride for Adults

Fluoride used to be thought of as that treatment that only kids get after a cleaning in those yucky trays.  At Stauffer Family Dental in Westerville, OH, we believe that prevention is a key aspect to of managing your oral health.  We may recommend fluoride for patients with a lot of existing crowns or fillings, patients with watches, or for patients with dry mouth.  These are just a few reasons why fluoride may be recommended as an adult.

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Fluoride for Children

Fluoride is often recommended for children.  Fluoride protects teeth and hepls to rebuild enamel.  Fluoride varnish is recommended 2-4 times a year for children under the age of 5.  Check out what the American Academy of Pediatrics has to say about Fluoride Varnish.


Sealants for Pediatric Patients

Sealants are a protective coating that is painted on the deep grooves of the teeth.  These are often placed on the 6 year molars and 12 year molars for kids.  This is an excellent, non-invasive way to prevent decay in the deep groves of the teeth.  It protects the grooves in the teeth on kids, when sometimes their oral hygiene is not the most ideal.  Dr. Heidi at Stauffer Family Dental in Westerville, OH will assess your child's need for sealants at their dental exam.

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Who will do my dental sealants?

Dentist, Dental Hygienist OR Expanded Functions Auxillary

There are 5 qualified people at Stauffer Family Dental in Westerville, OH that are able to do sealants.  Our hygienists Kim, Lauren or Jennelle are able to place dental sealants.  Our EFDA(Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary), Tiffany, is able to place sealants because of a special certification class that she took to become an EFDA.  Lastly, Dr. Heidi is definitely qualified through her dental licensure.  The hardest aspect of doing dental sealants is keeping the tooth completely dry when placing the dental sealant.  Often 2 of our excellent team members will work together to place a sealant that will last many years and protect your tooth!

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is proclaimed by the American Dental Association to be "nature's cavity fighter".  It is present naturally in some lakes, rivers and oceans.   It is also added to some dental products to help prevent cavities and remineratlize enamel.  It can also be applied as a varnish after your cleaning.

What to expect at a Sealant Appointment?

There will be several steps to your sealant appointment at Stauffer Family Dental in Westerville, OH.  Either a hygienist, expanded functions dental auxillary or the dentist will be doing your sealants.  First, the tooth will be cleaned with a prophy brush, this allows a clean surface for the sealant to bond to.  If you just had a cleaning the same day, this step was already done as part of your cleaning and may be skipped.  Then, we apply an etch to the tooth which prepares the tooth for the sealant.  This we describe to children as the soap that cleans the teeth and it can taste a little yucky.  Then, we place a bond to help the sealant adhere to the tooth, we air dry this and cure it with our blue curing light.  Lastly, we paint on the sealant material into the deep grooves of the teeth.  Again, we use our blue curing light to make the sealant material hard.  The hardest part about the appointment is keeping everything dry while we work.  Sometimes, we will have another person help to suction and help keep everything dry.  

What to do after Fluoride Varnish is applied?  Can I eat and drink after fluoride?

At Stauffer Family Dental in Westerville, OH, when we place a stronger fluoride after your cleaning appointment, we use something called a fluoride varnish.  This is a sticky substance that contains fluoride and is painted on the teeth.  Fluoride is most beneficial during the time it touches the teeth, so if we can keep it on the teeth longer, that is better!  It takes about a minute to place.  Afterwards, you can eat and drink normally.  We recommend waiting a few hours for crunchy foods and hot beverages, these will remove the varnish quicker than we would like! 


Preventive services recommended at stauffer family dental in westerville, oh

At Stauffer Family Dental in Westerville, OH, we may recommend some preventive services in order to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.  We believe strongly in prevention and make recommendations accordingly.  We love welcoming new patients into our practice.  Our experienced team is committed to providing you with the gentlest and most thorough exam, cleaning and x-rays specialized to your needs. Don't wait - schedule your dental exam, dental cleaning, and dental x-rays today to maintain optimal oral health. Call us at 614-882-2249 or complete our website form to book your appointment now!

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