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Dental Exam

At Stauffer Family Dental in Westerville, OH, we perform many dental exams everyday.  Dr. Heidi Stauffer is our one and only dentist at our family dental practice and she is the one that will perform your thoughtful, gentle and thorough dental exam.


what is included in a dental exam?

how is a new patient exam and routine exam different?

A new patient exam and cleaning are a different experience than a routine cleaning and exam. At the initial visit, our team is getting to know you and your teeth as an individual. Your will first meet one of our wonderful hygienists, either Lauren, Kim or Jennelle. At Stauffer Family Dental, a Westerville dentist clinic in Ohio, we set aside an hour and a half of time for each of our new patients. This allows us the time to review your health history for the first time. We will assess the heath of the gums and the bone around the teeth by measuring your pocket depths. Wewill take cavity detecting xrays and a full mouth xray called a panoramic xray. This allows us to see the teeth up close to diagnose decay and assess all the areas that we cannot see with our eyes. We will decide at this point, what type of cleaning you need. If a deeper cleaning is needed, this takes more time and we may need to schedule youback for it. You will meet Dr. Heidi, who will evaluate all the information we have gathered and examine all the teeth and soft tissue. We will discuss with you any recommendations. The hygienist will review your oral hygiene and add any tips or tricks that might help!


The difference of a dental cleaning and exam at stauffer family dental in westerville, OH

At Stauffer Family Dental in Westerville, Ohio, we specialize in comprehensive dental exams and cleaning services for patients of all ages. We've got you covered, from kids' dental exams to adults' deep-cleaning teeth services. Our experienced team ensures a thorough dental cleaning and exam to keep your smile healthy and bright. Don't wait - schedule your dental exam and cleaning today to maintain optimal oral health. Call us at 614-882-2249 or complete our website form to book your appointment now!

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