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A Letter to 7 Special Mothers

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

To Extraordinary Women,

Thank you: You are cherished. You are celebrated. You are loved.

At Stauffer Family Dental, one of our favorite aspects of our field is caring for entire families---but today, I would like to praise seven amazing staff members who significantly influence lives each week: Jana, Jenny, Meghan, Kara, Diane, Emily and Dr. Heidi.

These seven ladies are caring mothers who are complete with charm and their own savoir faire.

*One mom loves to spend time with her children by trying new restaurants together and talking about their friendships.

*One mom sings songs and reads books to her son and daughter at bedtime to help them sleep sweetly.

*One mom rushes from work to a track meet just in time to watch her daughter beat the record in shot put and then home to help her son study Spanish.

*One mom makes endearing memories by baking incredibly artistic cupcakes and taking her children to the park.

*One mom brings Chipotle to her sons during our lunch-hour to make their day a little brighter.

*One mom shares pictures of her son sporting his adorable new hockey uniform and another of her youngest son crawling.

*One mom calls to make sure her kids got home from school safely and listens to every detail of their day.

While these descriptions do not solely define each mother, they are simple examples of "the little things" they do to show love to their children. I admire their successes, growing pains, wisdom and sense of humor! ~Erika

To All Moms

~May This Mother's Day Be a Special Blessing to You Since You Are Treasured By So Many~

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