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Dr. Heidi Stauffer DDS best dentist in Westerville at Stauffer Family Dental


Every smile in the world is as unique as a fingerprint, and we want you to have the smile that makes you happy. This mindset helps us maintain and restore the smile you want for life, while making sure to focus on conservative patient dental care. When you see us, you will never be seen as a number and you won't bounce between rotating dentists you have never met.  You will see Dr. Heidi every time! We are fully committed to being a local family business you can trust.

We plan to keep our single location in Westerville Ohio, to service patients in the Columbus area and beyond. We have plenty of patients that are out of state, as far as Alaska, that come back to us because of the honesty, trust and quality we deliver. Dr. Heidi is a passionate professional who will spend countless hours on unique cases, or obsess over perfection making sure you are always happy with the smile you want.

In addition to being passionate about Dentistry, we are also a group that gives back to our community. By sponsoring various schools, activities, and charities, we believe our future is investing in our neighbors.

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