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How much sugar is in your drink?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Myth: “Juice, Gatorade, energy drinks and sweet teas are not as bad as drinking soda.”


While many people understand that soda is not healthy, they may view drinks such as juice and Gatorade as a ‘healthier’ substitute. The problem with these beverages is they still contain a lot of sugar and acid, just like soda. Be sure to read nutrition labels and remember that the citric acid in drinks is just as harmful for your dental health as sugar. 'Diet' and 'zero calorie' beverages may have less sugar, but there is still a lot of acid present. According to the American Heart Association,

“Nearly two-thirds of children in the United States reported consuming at least one soda or other sugary drink on any given day…Fruit drinks, sport drinks, energy drinks and sweetened teas are just as closely linked to negative health outcomes like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease as soda.”

To determine the amount of sugar in your beverages, the general rule of thumb is below:

4 grams of sugar= one teaspoon of sugar

Our advice is don't drink sugar drinks everyday--save them for special occasions and enjoy a beverage with a meal to help wash away the sugar and acid. As always, we recommend drinking plenty of water and taking good care of your health.

Energy Drinks and Gatorade:


Juice & Vitamin Water:

Coffee & Tea:

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