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Free mouth guards for Our Existing and New Patients-Let us Help You Protect Your Teeth

My son plays hockey in the fall and hockey involves a lot of gear. Of course, being a dentist, I feel most passionate about his mouth guard. So many time, I will be watching hockey and the kids mouth guards are laced into their helmets or being chewed on instead of being worn to protect the teeth. At Stauffer Family Dental, we do provide free mouth guards for our patients. With patients with some baby teeth and some permanent teeth, we recommend the boil and mold mouth guards because if we make a custom and they lose teeth, it won't fit anymore. We provide for them a shock doctor boil and mold mouth guard. For our patients with braces, we provide the Shock doctor mouth guard for braces which helps not only protect the teeth but the lips from the brackets, too. For our patients with all their adult teeth, we make a custom mouth guard. For our high school students, these are amazing, because you can breathe and talk better with them in and they protect the teeth better because there is such a custom fit. If you need a mouth guard for a fall sport like my son, we would love to see you as a patient and as a new patient at Stauffer Family Dental, you can get a free mouth guard to protect your teeth. We are located in Westerville, OH near St. Paul's Church, just north of Uptown.

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