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How Does Dental Whitening Work?

Do you like to know the way things work? Check out a little bit of science behind Dental Whitening!

How Do I Professionally Whiten My Teeth?

The first step is to schedule a 15 minute appointment to take impressions. Within a few days, we have you back for another short visit to try in your custom bleach trays and give you your bleaching kit. When whitening, you are to place a very small dot of gel on each tooth in your trays. If you insert your trays and there is excess gel on your gums, that means you used too much gel so try to use a little less next time.

We recommend you proceed with the bleaching process for 7-10 days consecutively. As for the results, everyone's outcome is different depending on how much coffee, tea or red wine you consume. While bleaching, it's best to cut out "staining" beverages during the 7-10 days. Once you reach your desired shade, occasional at-home "touch up" sessions are recommended to maintain tooth brightness. We sell individual tubes of bleach for your convenience. That way you can lighten your smile before special events such as a wedding or family reunion.

If your teeth are sensitive during bleaching there may be an underlying cause, so as always, check with your dentist. If your teeth are normally sensitive, we recommend using a desensitizing toothpaste, such as Sensodyne, two weeks before whitening. We offer two different strengths of bleaching gel, which both give the same result. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 614-882-2249.

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