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Advanced 3D Digital Imaging

At Stauffer Family Dental, we provide our patients with the most advanced imaging for early diagnosis and prevention. To provide you with exceptional care, we use Sirona 3D Digital Imaging to take Panoramic x-rays and Conebeam CT scans. This technology allows us to examine your jaw, alignment, bone health and check for abscesses, cysts or any abnormalities.

The Benefits of 3D Imaging

  • Accuracy

  • Short scanning time

  • Digital Imaging can easily be sent to Referring Specialists

  • An alternative for patients with strong gag reflexes

  • Reduced radiation (80% less than other imaging technology)

  • Early Diagnosis of abscesses, cysts, jaw problems, wisdom teeth, abnormalities, trauma and alignment concerns

What is different about Sirona 3D Imaging?

Our concern is for you to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile during all walks of life! One way we can help is by using our Digital imaging that is comfortable, detailed and fast. The scans can take as many as 200 images of your smile in less than one minute, with 80% less radiation than traditional radiography. If you have dental concerns or need to schedule an appointment, we welcome you to call our office located in Westerville @ 614-882-2249.

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