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7 Bad Brushing Habits to Break This Year

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

January provides a time for self-reflection and your oral health is worth the consideration. Could you do better taking care of yourself?

Check out these 7 bad brushing habits to break in 2017:

1. Keeping Your Toothbrush for Too Long

Did you know toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads only last 3-4 months? To help, make a mental note or write on your calendar (when the season changes) you need to change your manual toothbrush or electric brush head. Bristles that are frayed or faded are a clear sign to toss.

2. Not Brushing Long Enough

You should be brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, 2 times a day. Most people spend about 45 seconds brushing--don't let this be you! Set a timer or don't stop brushing your teeth until a 2 minute song ends. Do whatever you need to do to make it to the 2 minute mark!

3. Brushing Too Hard

Scrubbing your teeth with a lot of pressure does not mean your mouth is cleaner. Every individual should be using a soft toothbrush with gentle pressure. Too much pressure causes gum recession, sensitivity to cold and can damage the out shell of your teeth.

4. Not Brushing Your Tongue

A tongue cleaner, also called a tongue scraper, is a plastic device that is used to clean the white coating on the top surface on the tongue (grocery stores are a great place to purchase a tongue cleaner). When cleaning your tongue, work from the back and move forward. After cleaning your tongue, rinse your mouth and clean the tongue scraper to remove any bacteria. This is an especially important hygiene step for people who have sinus issues or individuals who take a lot of medications.

5. Storing Your Brush Improperly

After brushing, let your toothbrush air dry out in the open. If you keep your toothbrush enclosed in a container it allows bacteria to harbor.

6. Using a Brush with Hard Bristles

Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles. Medium and Hard bristles cause gum recession, sensitivity and also damage the outer shell of your teeth.

7. Improper Brushing Technique

Many people brush their teeth incorrectly. For the healthiest brush, watch the video to learn the proper technique:

*New Year's Resolution: Switch to an Electric Toothbrush*

We are huge believers in electric toothbrushes because they help eliminate many bad habits: electric toothbrushes have 2 minute timers, their own stand to properly store brush heads, soft bristles and warning lights if you are pressing too hard. They also use ultrasonic or circular rotations to give you the best brush possible. We sell electric Sonicare toothbrushes at cost, but whether you choose an electric Oral-B or Sonicare toothbrush--either will be a beneficial improvement to your dental health. Make 2017 your best year yet!

If you have questions or need to make an appointment at our Westerville office, please feel free to call 614-882-2249.

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