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20 Outdoor Activities for the Family

Are you looking for some Springtime fun?

Check out 20 Outdoor Ideas that are affordable for the whole family!

1. Take a walk.

2. Bike rides!

3. Fly a kite.

4. Find a safe playground.

5. Family Picnic.

6. Explore hiking at Hoover Dam and Highbanks Metro Park!

7. Have a scavenger hunt.

8. Hide and seek.

9. Bubbles!

10. Hopscotch.

11. Stop and smell the spring flowers!

12. Cloud watching.

13. Play catch!

14. Soccer!

15. Tag! You're it!

16. Throw a Frisbee.

17. Cartwheels!

18. Bird watching.

19. I-Spy with my little eye.

20. Hula Hoop!

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