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Welcome to Our New Website, designed by our own Dr. Heidi!!!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Welcome to Our New, Upgraded Website. We launched on August 3rd, 2015. I am proud to say that I created every aspect of it with a little help and advice from family and friends. You may ask, how did a dentist have the skills to accomplish this. Although I started saying that I wanted to be a dentist in the 7th grade. I found it overwhelming to pick a career as an 18 year-old. I was going to be a chemistry major but knew if I decided not to go to dental school, I did not want to be a doctor or do research. I was unsure what I would do with a chemistry major if I changed my mind. I had taken AP computer science in high school and loved it. I decided to major in computer science at SLU, so that if I changed my mind about dentistry, I had a career to fall back on. I never needed this fall back and LOVE the career that I have chosen. I don't use the skills I learned from my computer science degree very often, and my husband often teases me when I complain that there is something wrong with my computer because I should have the skills to fix it myself. However, I decided that I wanted to make a website that gave the patients what they were looking for. I spent a lot of time and effort creating this website and I hope it delivers what you are looking for. I tried to design it from the patient's perspective. Make it simple but informative. Please feel free to send us any feedback. We also took our own pictures, my husband was the photographer behind the camera. Thanks, Andy!

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