How Does Dental Whitening Work?

Do you like to know the way things work? Check out a little bit of science behind Dental Whitening! How Do I Professionally Whiten My Teeth? The first step is to schedule a 15 minute appointment to take impressions. Within a few days, we have you back for another short visit to try in your custom bleach trays and give you your bleaching kit. When whitening, you are to place a very small dot of gel on each tooth in your trays. If you insert your trays and there is excess gel on your gums, that means you used too much gel so try to use a little less next time. We recommend you proceed with the bleaching process for 7-10 days consecutively. As for the results, everyone's outcome is different

When Is It Time To Fill a Cavity?

At Stauffer Family Dental, we believe it is important to recommend the best treatment plan for your overall dental health, financial situation and life circumstances. How Do I Know if I Need a Filling? If there is ever any question whether you have a cavity or not, it is always best to schedule an appointment with your dentist. During your visit, the dentist will determine whether it's time to proceed with a filling or if there is a different treatment recommended. Most commonly, we will need to take cavity-detecting x-rays called Bitewings. Your dentist will recommend either a filling or crown once they determine the severity of decay. If the decay has extended into the nerve, your de

Advanced 3D Digital Imaging

At Stauffer Family Dental, we provide our patients with the most advanced imaging for early diagnosis and prevention. To provide you with exceptional care, we use Sirona 3D Digital Imaging to take Panoramic x-rays and Conebeam CT scans. This technology allows us to examine your jaw, alignment, bone health and check for abscesses, cysts or any abnormalities. The Benefits of 3D Imaging Accuracy Short scanning time Digital Imaging can easily be sent to Referring Specialists An alternative for patients with strong gag reflexes Reduced radiation (80% less than other imaging technology) Early Diagnosis of abscesses, cysts, jaw problems, wisdom teeth, abnormalities, trauma and alignment concerns Wh

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