How much sugar is in your drink?

Photo credit: Myth: “Juice, Gatorade, energy drinks and sweet teas are not as bad as drinking soda.” FALSE. While many people understand that soda is not healthy, they may view drinks such as juice and Gatorade as a ‘healthier’ substitute. The problem with these beverages is they still contain a lot of sugar and acid, just like soda. Be sure to read nutrition labels and remember that the citric acid in drinks is just as harmful for your dental health as sugar. 'Diet' and 'zero calorie' beverages may have less sugar, but there is still a lot of acid present. According to the American Heart Association, “Nearly two-thirds of children in the United States reported co

Need a Dentist?

Welcome to Stauffer Family Dental where Dr. Brad and Dr. Heidi perform preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry for all ages! Our practice is on the cutting edge of technology due to our paperless software system and advanced digital radiography. We have committed to providing the best available care for our patients by investing in laser detecting cavity units, intraoral digital cameras and flat screen monitors in every treatment room. Our patients appreciate the quality of dentistry we provide, however, we believe they stay for a very different reason: we care about our patients, their families and their concerns. Whether you are looking for a complete smile makeover or just want to

Bad Breath: Causes and Solutions

You are not alone! Bad breath is a common and frustrating problem for many people: the ADA reports that 50% of people suffer from bad breath sometime in their life. Bad breath is embarrassing, but never fear! We are here to help. The Causes of Bad Breath: 1. Bacteria There are many bad breath causing bacteria that naturally occur in your mouth. The warm, damp environment that your mouth creates allows bacteria to grow and multiply. When you eat, you are feeding them and creating the perfect breeding ground. When the bacteria eat, they release a stinky waste product that can cause bad breath. 2. Dry Mouth Several things can cause dry mouth including medications, salivary gland disorders

Post-Operative instructions after an Extraction

Extractions are usually necessary due to decay, disease, trauma or intrusion on the adjacent teeth and it's important to follow the proper post operative instructions after treatment. Post Operative Instructions after an Extraction: -Avoid smoking, spitting or sucking for 48 hours. -Avoid all rinsing or swishing for 24 hours after extraction. Rinsing can disturb the formation of a blood clot which is essential to proper healing. After 24 hours you may begin gently rinsing with saltwater. Avoid mouth rinses that contain alcohol (Listerine & Colgate). -Stick with soft foods for the first two days. Return to normal regular meals as soon as you able. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol fo

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